Aikira & Children’s Foundation

THE A.T.O. is bringing awareness about suicides among teenagers and young adults. Our initial focus is on St. Tammany Parish in Louisiana. This parish has an extremely high rate of suicides; for example, there have been 104 suicides in the last 3 years. THIS HAS TO STOP! We at A & C Foundation provide motivational speaking, full length dramas, faith based music and sponsored events that are geared to combat and hopefully reverse this phenomenon of suicides in our region. During September (2013) our upcoming event will take place at Living The Word International church in Slidell, Louisiana. Our goal is to eventually expand awareness throughout Mississippi, the Gulf States Region and U.S.

The A.T.O. “TEXT TO WIN” campaign is helping to spread the word to hundreds of teens and young adults. Join the fight with us & become a sponsor and partner. Also, take a moment to text ATO to 72727. You will automatically be entered for a chance to win prizes and receive periodic information and event updates. Scan the customized QR Code to view our mobile website on your smartphone.



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