Oklahoma Tornado Relief

I am writing this for your review/consideration. Yesterday, my wife and I were contacted by a close friend, that serves and protects our local communities, as a Sheriff deputy. Initially, they could not reach friends and family that were affected by the tornadoes. Since then, we received a praise report (see his note below). Though not mentioned by Mr. Dukes, it is on our hearts to gather monetary donations. You can make a secure donation from anywhere in the world. If local, you can make arrangements with me to pick up gifts and/or checks. Make checks out to Building Bridges International. Note: 100% of all donations will be transported by Mr. Dukes to be used for either travel expenses or specific needs of family and friends. The deadline is Thursday afternoon (US – CST), as they are heading out on Friday morning. Call or e-mail me if you have any questions – (228) 234-6880. Thank you for helping to “bridge” resources to specific needs.

With thanks, Bryan and Leah (on behalf of the BBI team)



I just wanted to take a little time to tell you and all the people connected to you, thank you. Prayers have been heard. I just received information from Moore, OK that my wife’s family is ok. I still don’t know what their condition is or what resources they currently have.  The good news is that we are in brief contact with them. Upon our arrival, we will be assessing their situation and keep you up to date. My wife and I still need your prayers in the next few days as I prepare to make the journey from Gulfport, MS to Moore, OK this Friday to lend aid where possible. We are still currently attempting to locate 3 friends which we are unable to make contact with. I will be leaving Friday morning around 7:00 am. In my position, I believe it to be my duty to lend assistance where I can. Experiencing Hurricane Katrina, I am well aware the area of OK that I am heading to is going to be difficult to navigate safely and difficult to stay strong. Thank you for all you and your prayer group as well as Building Bridges International for all the prayers and assistance. Pray to keep me strong and able to carry out my duties I believe the Lord has placed before me. I will keep you in constant contact throughout my tasks ahead.

God Bless,
Dukes Family



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