Glory comes to God when whole communities see Christ’s hand transforming their lives.

Why re-invent the wheel and duplicate resources?

We believe that God continues to position people and other resources, locally and abroad, to accomplish His plans.  Our goal is to locate these resources and connect them to meet specific needs of front-line ministry.    We are focused on supporting those that help support frontline ministry and mobilizing entire communities to rally around ministry activities.  For example, if we are supporting a project in another country we look for ways to support them from afar with the ultimate goal of helping them to build long-term relationships within their own communities.  This helps avoid dependence and fosters self-sustainability.  Also, more people get involved in the process and begin to live missional lifestyles.


Quick response and adaptive to specific tasks


Focus on the least reached people groups among the nations


Developing sustained and integrated relationships


Jesus said ~ “ this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a testimony unto all the nations; and then shall the end come”. Matthew 24:14


Building Bridges International (BBI) is involved in supporting many projects both locally and abroad. Our  mission is to connect resources and impact nations.  BBI is dedicated to showing people the bigger picture of what God is doing and then providing simple and practical ways to get involved.  BBI aims to connect businesses, non-profits, individuals, etc. to bring the body of Christ together.  You are part of a local bridge reaching into the nations!

Using all of the resources of God, in simple and practical ways, to connect people, locally and globally, to the loving truth and transforming power of Jesus to accomplish Matthew 24:14.

of Faith

Building Bridges International fully agrees and adheres to the Lausanne Covenant. Find out more about the Lausanne Covenant here (http://www.lausanne.org/covenant). To download an English pdf copy of this, click here. Other languages are available on the Lausanne Covenant homepage. We highly recommend anyone who has not read this document to download and take the time to do so. You will be blessed!

& Team

Bryan Rodgers

International Director

Bryan Rodgers has been involved with Hurricane Katrina disaster relief activities, missional projects throughout the US and world and has served as a Perspectives coordinator in MS and Hawaii and is now serving as a Perspectives area supervisor for the MS Gulf Coast and surrounding areas. His heart is to encourage people to live out their dreams, by providing practical ways to engage in the mission lifestyle and adventure.

Leah Tennyson Rodgers

Artistic Director

Leah’s background is in the arts (theater, music, dance). She will be leading our efforts in redeeming the arts and using them to tell stories that impact culture and transcend cultural barriers.

Carlos Mendoza

Design and Development Director

Carlos also has background in the arts, but in the visual arts rather than performance. He studied visual arts and graphic design in Mexico. He will be working on the website and on further helping to plan the ministry of Building Bridges. He and his wife share a heart for the nations and particularly for the Middle East.

Kate Mendoza

International Relations

Carlos’s wife, Kate has a background in education and international studies. She hopes with her gift of languages and study of social and cultural development in countries outside the U.S. to give support to the Building Bridges ministry in whatever way she can.

Christopher O'Keefe

Social Networks and Technology

Christopher O’Keefe, with his degree in Mathematics, has a gift of problem solving and is using this gift to play a supporting role in Building Bridges. Currently, he and his wife, Hannah, own/operate a couple of small businesses in Gulfport, MS. His real passion is living as a disciple for Y’shua (Jesus) the Messiah and doing work for the Kingdom of God. Christopher is excited to bring his passion for God and problem solving skills to help Building Bridges reach their goals.