Life for Marriage Conference (August 2012)

It is not too late to register for this life changing marriage conference! This conference will help participants to prepare for marriage, strengthen their marriage and/or heal their marriage. Chris and Tanya Harmon share from the heart on how Jesus, through this marriage conference changed their lives! If you are interested in participating, scroll down and check out the details:

My name is Tanya Harmon and my husband of 9 yrs is Chris Harmon. Chris is my 2nd husband and I am his 3rd wife. We have 2 children, Cameron is 16 and Paris,11. Throughout our marriage Chris and I spent years hurting each other. Our once loving relationship grew toxic as it was riddled with fighting, adultery, depression, and substance abuse. Our hearts became badly broken and scarred. We grew weary, and began considering divorce. Neither of us truly wanted a divorce, but felt the damage to our relationship irreversible. We did not know where to turn to start the healing process. Like most couples today, we sought marriage counseling from a professional. However, after countless hours of counseling, and no improvement in my heart condition towards Chris, divorce seemed to be our destiny. As a last resort, I asked Chris to take me to church, and we agreed that if we didn’t find healing there, we would go our separate ways. What we did not realize during the past few years, God was strategically placing people in our lives, as He waited for us to turn to Him (several members of Bayou Talla were working with my husband, and invited us to church). While attending my first service at Bayou Talla, God spoke to me. He opened my eyes, and did something to my heart that years of counseling and prescription medication could not do. From that moment on, I knew that God could restore my heart, my marriage, and my family. I knew, he could show me how to forgive. On 6-10-2010, we were baptized, and turned our lives and marriage over to the Lord. Our marriage and family has been restored, and my heart has been healed.

If you know someone who has a heart condition, or find unselfish struggling in your marriage, There is healing and restoration in the Lord that no amount of money, professional counseling, doctors visits, or prescription medications can provide.

Registration: July 1 – Aug 24
Cost: $50.00 per couple

Conference Day Door Tickets
Cost: $75.00 per couple

Join Us:

Join us for a live marriage conference designed for engaged couples, newlyweds, and couples of all ages! Live Worship, free lunch and concessions provided.


Kingdom Seekers Childcare available for children from infants through 6th grade. Snacks, lunch, fun provided. Limited to 100 children.


To register online, go to either To pay by check, contact [email protected]



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