Jimmy Esposito Newk’s Fundraising

Emma Sturm wrote this for the blog about the Newk’s Fundraiser for Jimmy Esposito:

The Newk’s fundraiser was a surprising event. With the economy as bad as it is, people from the community came to break bread and opened their already tight wallets. Several people said they wanted to give more but they gave all that they could. We met different people from all walks of life. I was approached by a woman who gladly bragged and shined of her husband Paul Davis. Mrs Davis glowed as she told me that her husband is a 15 year survivor of a heart transplant. He is due for his 15th year check up the following week after the event. Paul Davis smiled a gentle smile as he told me he wanted to call Jimmy and speak to him personally. Mr and Mrs Davis were so honored to be apart of the event. Once the night came to an end, Newk’s kept their doors open to our event all the way until close. As several of us got into our patrol cars we were approached by a young man, his name is Roman Crews , he gave us his whole tips for the evening 24.00. For an 18 year old college student that is a lot of money. Roman told me he graduated from George County High School. He moved down to the coast to go to college. Roman lives on his own, works two jobs and goes to MGCCC JD full time in hopes to be accepted into USM nursing program.



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