Overtoun House

Scotland, UK

Our vision is to provide a place where the Community of West Dunbartonshire can experience the love of God in a multifaceted way and to provide opportunity for renewal and care for those who are hurting and have lost hope for their future. We desire to provide a place with an atmosphere of peace, hope, love and joy where broken and battered lives can be nurtured towarda bright and full future. Our mission is to reach out to those within our communities with specific needs and provide answers to their circumstances that give hope for their futures and healing for their wounds. To do this we have gained the support of both Protestant and Catholic Churches in West Dunbartonshire. Care for Young Mothers, Women in Crisis, Family/Leadership Training, Youth Sports/Life Training, We believe that within a Christ-centred atmosphere and a positive, safe environment we can equip the young people of West Dunbartonshire with a respect for themselves and others and an attitude of responsible living, so that they can realise the full potential of their futures. We are clearly Christian in our methods and attitudes in achieving these goals. We believe that all who come to Overtoun House will find a gracious, joyful and caring atmosphere conducive to helping restore and renew them in these difficult days.